An award-winning boutique creative agency that

revolutionizes story-telling with brave vision and bold ingenuity.



We are in the business of creating experiences of authentic human connection across a variety of screens and platforms. We bring a fresh perspective to traditional advertising by creating cutting-edge campaigns for broadcast, social media, and radio. Our team is skilled in media buys, branding, consulting, and strategy. We believe every challenge has its own unique solution.



Print & Digital




As creative explorers, we mine for gold.  We are always searching to illuminate the exceptional qualities of the clients and businesses we align with. We immerse ourselves fully in every project and treat our client's businesses as if they are our own. Our values are integrity, innovation, authenticity, and ingenuity. 




Mary Margaret Folds attended the University of Maryland and the University of Southern Mississippi where she studied History and English.


Her lifelong love of writing, film and entrepreneurship has led her on a journey of creating multiple businesses. Firelux is a culmination of that journey.

As a full-service creative agency Firelux serves a variety of political, corporate, and entertainment clients. Mary Margaret’s unique perspective on authentic creativity

and colorful visuals gives her clients an edge in the industry.

Mary Margaret Folds

Meredith Jones is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she earned a degree in Political Science.  Firelux, a full service creative agency, is the third company she has co-founded with her partner in crime, Mary Margaret Folds.


Meredith has the unique ability to discover her clients passion and translate that authenticity into a successful campaign. Her strategy and analytical process adds intrinsic value to the creative work Firelux produces and her goal is to revolutionize traditional advertising.

Meredith Jones
Graphic Extraordinaire & Technical Mastermind

Trevor is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where he obtained a double major in Theatre and Digital Arts.


While Mary Margret and Meredith materialize the ideas into existence; Trevor is the architect and one-man construction crew behind every one of our amazing print & digital graphics. 

While pursuing his undergraduate, Trevor spearheaded 3D model designs for a $100,000 renovation project for the university.

Trevor Tackett
Composer & 
Musical Genius

Will Musser’s creativity and passion for musical excellence are what push him to write his evocative and emotional music. He is an award winning composer and was awarded the prestigious ASCAP award among other composers in the category such as Hans Zimmer, John Powell and Howard Shore. Will’s music has been featured on American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Homecoming, and most recently the horror film, Gretal & Hansel. Will is a die hard fan of the bands TOOL, Korn, and NIN, and geeks out over reading fiction novels. He is the father of two teenage boys who eat everything in sight, and a tween daughter who thinks she rules the realm. He currently resides in Wilmington, NC.

Will Musser

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